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The Textures Series features fully shaped and carefully edited volumes of essays originally presented at IAPL conferences. Each volume focuses on a theme related to that of the IAPL conference from which it is derived. However, the end result is a book that stands very much on its own. These volumes include an Editor's General Introduction, specific introductions to each of the parts of the volume demonstrating how the essays in that section are interlinked, abbreviations of works cited, carefully crafted endnotes, a bibliography relevant to the scope of the volume, contributors' notes, and an index of topics and names.

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Philosophy, Arts, Politics


Hugh J. Silverman,

Lexington Books, Nov 16, 2010 - 231 pages

Bringing together an international and interdisciplinary group of scholars, Intermedialities: Philosophy, Arts, Politics is a comprehensive collection devoted to the new field of research called "intermedialities."

The concept of intermedialities stresses the necessity of situating philosophical and political debates on social relations in the divergent contexts of media theories, avant-garde artistic practices, continental philosophy, feminism, and political theory. The "intermedial" approach to social relations does not focus on the shared identity but instead on the epistemological, ethical, and political status of inter (being-in-between). At stake here are the political analyses of new modes of being in common that transcend national boundaries, the critique of the new forms of domination that accompany them, and the search for new emancipatory possibilities.

Opening a new approach to social relations, intermedialities investigates not only engagements between already constituted positions but even more the interval, antagonism, and differences that form and decenter these positions. Consequently, in opposition to the resurgence of cultural and ethnic particularisms and to the leveling of difference produced by globalization, the political and ethical analysis of the "in-between" enables a conception of community based on difference, exposure, and interaction with others rather than on an identification with a shared identity.

Investigations of "in-betweenness," both as medium specific and between heterogeneous "sites" of inquiry, range here from philosophical conceptuality to artistic practices, from the political circulation of money and power to the operation of new technologies. They inevitably invoke the crucial role of embodiment in creative thought and collective acting.

As a mediating instance between the psyche and society, matter and spirit, nature and culture, and biology and technology, the body is another interval forming and informed by socio-linguistic relations. As these complex intersections between media, materiality, art, and the philosophy and politics of the in-between suggest, the project of intermedialities provides new ways of rethinking relations among arts, politics, and science.

List of Contributors

Hugh J. SilvermanLouise Burchill , Jean-Luc Nancy  , Laurens ten Kate , Luce Irigaray , Elaine P. MillerGeorge SmithPeter Schwenger , Bernadette Wegenstein , Rosi Braidotti , Rosalyn DiproseDorota GlowackaHeinz Kimmerle , Purushottama Bilimoria ,Sally Percival WoodSlavoj Ziziek 


Dramas of Culture

Theory, History, Performance

Edited by Wayne Jeffrey Froman and John Burt Foster Jr

For readers interested in drama, performance, and culture, this is a major collection of essays that will be required reading for some time to come.—Herman Rapaport, Wake Forest University
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Dramas of Culture is shaped by twelve carefully interwoven interdisciplinary essays on the role of performance as inscribed within contemporary cultural debate. Part One addresses the recent cultural turn in scholarship and public affairs and offers three provocative discussions of its genealogy, goals, and shortcomings. Underpinning these arguments are the key dramatic elements of language, performativity, and spectacle. Part Two stresses the constitutive roles of scene and setting, melodrama, and tragic conflict for literary theory, political thought, and dialectical philosophy, each with direct bearings on contemporary cultural studies. Parts Three and Four turn to the intellectual and cultural significance of specific plays in the Western repertoire. Part Three examines several major efforts to rethink the nature of tragedy as a dramatic genre, emphasizing its capacity to reveal the fragility and provisionality of culture, while Part Four focuses on prominent examples of the shifting relations among drama, history, and processes of cultural change.

List of Contributors
Stephen Barker, Gabriela Basterra, Christopher Braider, John Burt Foster, Jr., Wayne Jeffrey Froman, David Halliburton, Geoffrey H. Hartman, Elke Heckner, Catherine Liu, John McGowan, Oliver Marchart, P. Christopher Smith, and Max Statkiewicz.

About the Editors
Wayne Jeffrey Froman is associate professor of philosophy at George Mason University. John Burt Foster, Jr., is professor of English at George Mason University.


Dramas of Culture cover


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