Hugh J. Silverman, Series Editor


Prior to current publications by Lexington Books, IAPL Textures: Philosophy / Literature / Culture volumes were published by Continuum Books (Hugh J. Silverman, Series Editor).
Like those published in the current series, Continuum Textures Books are fully shaped and carefully edited volumes of essays originally presented at IAPL conferences. Each volume focuses on a theme related to that of the IAPL conference from which it is derived. However, the end result is a book that stands very much on its own.
These volumes include an Editor's General Introduction, specific introductions to each of the parts of the volume demonstrating how the essays in that section are interlinked, abbreviations of works cited, carefully crafted endnotes, a bibliography relevant to the scope of the volume, contributors' notes, and an index of topics and names.


Each book is published in paperback and in hardbound editions with an attractive design that reflects the tone of the volume. Each design evidences clearly that it is part of the TEXTURES: Philosophy / Literature / Culture Series.

The following books in the TEXTURES SERIES are published by Continuum Books in London and New York.



New and Current Books in the TEXTURES SERIES are published by Lexington Books, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield. See link to the new series: click here.





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