I am an Associate Professor at SUNY-Stony Brook, Economics Department.

I am an Associate Editor of the European Economics Review (2012 to present)

RESEARCH Download my Publications and Working Papers in: Retirement Behavior, Disability Application, Disability Policy, Retirement Expectations, Health Measurement, Labor Supply Flexibility, Portfolio Choice, Annuities, Earnings Test, Education, Vehicle Recalls, Computational Methods.


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A song from Catalunya

An another one

This one (more modern) Albert sings beautifully while he listens to RAC 105

This one is also very good

This one is Albert's favorite song of the Summer 2012, it is in Spanish but it is pretty cool. Enjoy.

This one Albert and I like very much, is rather romantic, but as a great friend of the family said after he was born, he is going to be a sensitive scientist when he grows up. In my case I guess I am a romantic and I just did not know it.

Una visio de futur per a Catalunya, i poemes per fer el cami mes interessant

Albert 2004

Albert 2005

Albert 2006

Albert 2007

Albert 2008

Albert 2009. Second from the left: The Thinker

Albert 2010

Albert 2011-1. The eyes of the tiger

Albert 2011-2. The race of a champion

Albert 2011-3. The champion

Albert 2011-4. More of the champion

Albert 2012: Hard work pays off


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